Photo: Hella Koffeman

About Hans

Hans Cassa finished his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 1992 with a music degree in teaching and performing. Nowadays the school is called  Codarts, University for the Arts and from September 2014 till September 2018 he was head of its Musical Theater Department.
Already during his studies he was involved in several productions. He sang with jazz improvisation group Tamam and the a cappella quartet The Oom Maw Maw.
After that he sang with Montezuma’s Revenge in the shows The Third Act and Blind Man’s Dream. The a cappella pop group toured, next to the Dutch theater circuit, also in Belgium and Germany.
He left the group in 1993 only to return in 2000 and produce another four shows with the group amongst which the highly acclaimed show Pop Art. In the meantime the group had extended its playgounds to France, Switzerland and Austria and Montezuma was one of the acts at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in September 2006.
In the years in between Hans sang and played in the musicals Cats (Carré Theater Productions) and My Fair Lady, Evita and Joe, The Musical, produced by Joop van den Ende Theater Productions (nowadays Stage Entertainment).
After that he toured with Dutch singer Robert Long as a backing vocalist.
In the fall of 2011 Hans again was a member  of the group Montezuma’s Revenge with their show Montezuma’s Revenge Strikes Back, which meant the return of the group In 2013 they produced their last show Run.
Hans is also busy with translating cartoons for television and cinema, studio work, arranging/composing for a cappella groups home and abroad and giving workshops. For example, Hans worked with the National Female Youth Choior of the Netherlands for which he wrote a prize winning arrangement  on the occasion of the 10th European Youth Choir Festival in Basel in 2016.